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Amazing Artist – Dangerous Tactician

2023 Sofia Polgar Amazing Artist – Dangerous Tactician

This autobiography is a celebration of Sofia’s creative work both on and off the chessboard. With a collection of 100 examples from her own games, she explains move by move the essential tactics that every chess player needs to master. 40 colorful chess related artworks and dozens of black and white illustrations are presented by the author alongside the many personal stories and photos about the Polgar family.

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Sofia Polgar My First Chess Club

My First Chess Club

2020 Sofia Polgar Illustrator and co-writer with David Cohen: My First Chess Club

Young readers are invited to the magical world of chess. Our heroine shares the story of her first Chess Club, where kings and queens dance on the board. We see her friendships, and what life skills she learns by playing the game. Inspired by a true story.

Sofia and Judit Polgar Chess Palace
Sofia and Judit Polgar

Judit Polgar Chess Palace

Sofia Polgar illustrator and co-writer of Educational Chess books and textbooks for elementary school children and teachers.

Judit Polgar and her team have developed a new and unique educational method. Instead of teaching chess as a sport and game the traditional way, the Educational Chess approach goes beyond the usual boundaries of teaching chess. 

Polgar Best European Learning Award

BELMA special prize

2015 Special prize for Judit Polgar Chess Palace 1 books at BELMA (Best European Learning Materials Awards) at the Frankfurt Book Fair.

Judit Polgar Chess Playground

Chess Playground

The first of many books co-writing with Judit Polgar (In English and  Hungarian). Sofia Polgar’s illustrations 

Judit Polgar Educational Chess for Preschoolers
Sofia consulting and illustrating for Judit Polgar.

Educational Chess for Preschoolers

The Judit Polgar Method is intended for the complex skill development of preschool and elementary school kids aged 4-10. This will enable them to obtain and strengthen the skills essential for the 21st century, known as the 4C, i.e. critical thinking, communication, collaboration, and creativity.

Laszlo Polgar Bring Up Genius
By Laszlo Polgar

Bring Up Genius

Well before having children, Laszlo Polgar came up with the idea: Bring Up Genius! In this book, he explains (not yet published in English) “Geniuses are made, not born”. Laszlo went on to prove his theory by raising three exceptional female chess players.

Polgar Xadrez Divertido

Xadrez Divertido

Sofia Polgar illustrator and co-writer with Judit Polgar
Xadrez Divertido 2012 Brazil, Chess Playground in the Animal Kingdom (in Portuguese).

Polgar Chess
Co-writing "The big book" by Laszlo Polgar

Chess: 5334 Problems, Combinations and Games

Chess takes you through more than 5,000 unique instructional situations, many taken from actual matches. Organized by problem type, each combination, or game is keyed to an easy-to-follow solution at the back of the book.

Chess Tactics For Champions

Chess Tactics For Champions

A step-by-step guide to using tactics and combinations the Polgar way – Susan Polgar and Paul Truong

Judit Polgar Teaches Chess

Judit Polgar Teaches Chess Book Series

International award winning, three-volume series. A periodical biography, a professional and human development history of the more than 30 years.

Volume 1: How Did I Break Fischer’s Record?

Volume 2: The Grandmaster Becomes World-Class

Volume 3: The Game of Queens