Welcome Chess Fans!

First of all, I’d like to thank you for all the support during my competitive years in chess, as well as the encouragement for my art and creating this website.

Chess has played a serious part in my life ever since I was born. The royal game was the one I played most as a child and I’m sure it helps me make the right “moves” in life, too.  There were a lot of good games I played, many nice medals that shine like gold, but the friendships I made through chess is what means the most to me. 

Through the Olympiad gold medals and my favorite tournament Rome 1989, across the board, I also met my future husband Yona Kosashvili. Our two sons Alon and Yoav have learned the game, won some trophies too but didn’t choose to be chess professionals. My sons and many of my students might not become grandmasters but I’m convinced that due to their chess abilities, their creative thinking and problem-solving skills, their life is enriched and will help them succeed in life.

Thanks you for visiting and I hope you’ll enjoy, playing through my favorite games. Please do come back for and check out new artworks. Play chess and keep smiling!