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Remembering Bobby Fischer by Sofia, Forward 2008
"I admire the chess player, am hurt by the anti-Semite and feel sorry for the man."

All the right moves by Eli Shvidler Haaretz
"The phenomenal success of the three Polgar sisters in the world of chess was achieved thanks to a combination of rare talent and their parents' insistence on singular educational methods."

Reports of the Polgar Sisters Chess Day, Budapest 2007

The Polgar Sisters' Las Vegas Triplex Simul by ChessBase, 2005
Here it is, a big pictorial report of the reunion of the Polgar sisters, who appeared together in Las Vegas for the first time in 12 years. There were lectures, autographs, a TV special and an unusual triplex simul.

Youngest Grandmaster Ever Is 15, Ferocious (and Female) by Robert D. Mcfadden The New York Times, 1992
"She has earned the rank of grandmaster at 15 years, 5 months, one month younger than Mr. Fischer when he did it 34 years ago."

Happy Birthday Judit! by Frederic Friedel – ChessBase 23.07.2003
"Today one of the great chess personalities of our day is celebrating her 27th birthday. Judit Polgar is the strongest female player – by a long margin – in the history of the game. She is number 11 in the world men's rankings and 215 points higher than the number two ranked woman. Here is a personal tribute to this remarkable young lady."

Interview with Judit by Tom Bottema October 23 2003
"Polgar just scored one of her best performances in chess by winning the tournament in Hoogeveen where also Ivan Sokolov, Anatoli Karpov and junior world champion Levon Aronian competed."

Queen takes all - The Telegraph, 2002
"Now ranked 20th in the world (among men; she rarely competes against women) she is unquestionably the best female chess player there has ever been."

To Men, Losing to Judit Polgar Is No Disgrace : Tigress of the Chessboard Purrs Quietly and Pounces by David International Herald Tribune, 2001

Judit interview in Hungarian, Magyar Narancs
Judit interview in German

Frauen sind keine Herausforderung Judit Polgar setzt Kasparow mächtig unter Druck von Hartmut Metz, März 2001

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Sport of Kings (and Queens) Why so few women chess masters? America's top female player ponders the question by BARBARA D. PHILLIPS in The Wall Street Journal, 2005

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Aegon Human-vs.-Computer Tournament New York Times by Robert Byrne 1997
"The individual winner was the 26-year-old Israeli grandmaster Yona Kosashvili, who achieved a perfect 6-0 score."

GM Yona Kosashvili, 2nd place in the 1962-2002 Curaçao Chess Tournamentby John Fernandez 2002
GM Yona Kosashvili, 2nd place in the 1962-2002 Curaçao Chess Tournament, and winer of the 2002 Curaçao Blitz Tournament.

The New York Times Archives offer many articles about the Polgars.

Chess players in love Sun Star By Frank "Boy" Pestaño 2006

The Grandmaster Experiment by Carlin Flora - Psychology Today Magazine, 2005
"The queen is the most powerful piece on the chessboard. Yet in the ultra-elite ranks of chess, a woman who can hold her own is the rarest of creatures. How, then, did one family produce three of the most successful female chess champions ever?"

Életre szóló szabadság by Tihanyi Péter
Interjú Polgár László tanárral, a sakkfenomén Polgár lányok édesapjával