Grandmaster Judit Polgar

GM Judit Polgar

Judit is my "baby sister" in the sweetest possible way. She was born in Budapest, Hungary on July 23rd, 1976. Besides being a real champion, she is one of the most positive, good hearted people I know. My ‘little’ sister passed me in chess when we were around ten. Bellow, see some of her highlights so far.

Chess Career Highlights

  • The first result that shocked the world with Judit's result was in New York in 1986. She wasn't yet ten years-old and won the unrated section of the NY Open. Needless to say, most people were about three times her age. Read the New York Times archive about the event.
  • Winning the World Championship Under-12 (for Boys), Timisoara 1988.
  • The biggest story of the 1988 Chess Olympiad was Judit's incredible performance of 12.5 points of 13 on board 2. Only twelve years-old and winning both team and individual gold medals for Hungary.
  • World Under-16 (Boys)Rapid Champion in Mazatlan, Mexico 1986
  • 1989 was the year, she became the top ranked woman player in the world and has stayed number one ever since.
  • World Under-14 (Boys) Champion in Fon du Lac, US 1990
  • Winning Gold Medals at the 1990 Chess Olympiad Novi Sad for the second time, with sisters and Ildiko Madl. This was the last time Judit took part in women only tournaments. From here on the target is the main crown!
  • Becoming (overall) Hungarian Champion in Budapest 1991. Judit is breaking Bobby Fischer's record of becoming the youngest chess grandmaster, at the age of 15. Youngest GM New York Times article.
  • Exhibition match against ex-world champion Boris Spassky in Budapest, 1993. Judit won with 5, 5 points out of ten games.
  • First time to win category 16 super GM tournament in Madrid, Spain 1994.
  • Gold medal at the unofficial Lightning World Championship in Alma Ata, Kazakhstan 1995.
  • In Budapest 1998, defeating Anatoly Karpov in a rapid match 5-3 without losing a single game.
  • First time in chess history that a woman wins the US Open, 1998.
  • Individual Gold Medal in the European Team Championship, Batumi Georgia 1999.
  • In Las Vegas 1999, Judit became the first woman to play for the World Chess Championship title and reached the quarter–finals.
  • In 2000 took the 1st place on the following prestigious events: Bali, Malmo, Buenos Aires
  • Tying for second in the traditional super GM tournament in Spain, Linares 2001.
  • At the 2002 Chess Olympiad in Bled, Slovenia, Judit represented the men’s team and they won the silver medal for Hungary. For her individual performance, Judit won a bronze.
  • The same year, Judit beat Kasparov for the first time in a rapid match between Russia versus the Rest of the World.
  • Winning a big international event in Benidorm, Spain in 2003. Amongst the participants was Ruslan Ponomariov, the FIDE world champion at the time.
  • Reaching 2700 rating point in 2003, first woman ever to enter the world's Top Ten. Check out Judit’s current here.
  • That same year, Judit scored 2nd place in the Category 19 Corus chess tournament in Wijk aan Zee, Netherlands, a full point ahead of world champion Vladimir Kramnik. See the cross table and more info here.
  • Sharing first place in Essent, Holland in 2006. Beating Veselin Topalov with an impressive 2-0.
  • In Elista, Kalmykia 2007, Judit fights again in the World Chess Championship cycle.